Vision & Values

Yokine Primary School

Our Vision is to nurture and prepare our students academically, emotionally and socially so they can make a positive contribution to our community.  

LEARNING We have a positive approach to learning and encourage it in others. We believe that everyone has the capacity to learn.

EXCELLENCE We have high expectations of our students and ourselves. We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them.

EQUITY We recognise the differing circumstances and needs of our students and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for all.

CARE We strive to create a culturally safe and responsive environment.

INTEGRITY We act with integrity, responsibility and transparency in all that we do. We act in the best interest of students and the community at all times.

RESPECT We treat everyone fairly and with respect. Our relationships are based upon trust, mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility.

Yokine Primary School Values

Working with every student, every classroom, every day

Student wellbeing, care and the values of friendship

Relationships with students, parents, families and the community