Student Opportunities

Yokine Primary School

Student Leadership

The Student Leadership program is an integral part of our strategy to achieve our school vision Powering Lifelong Learning.

Our school offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities including the opportunity for Year 5 & 6 students to nominate for leadership program positions. The leadership program promotes the skills, values and attitudes needed for effective leadership to make a positive contribution to our school community.

The leadership program has three components; Student School Leaders; Peer Mediators; and House Captains.

Each of these leadership groups has a slightly different but complementary focus:


Student School Leaders

To develop leadership skills to improve student welfare by fostering a safe, caring environment and by presenting students’ views on the school community’s decisions.

Peer Mediators

To use mediation skills to foster a harmonious playground environment where students feel safe and respected.

House Captains

To develop leadership and organisational skills which contribute to student welfare by promoting cooperation, teamwork and a healthy lifestyle.


Student leadership is an important part of Yokine Primary School and helps to promote our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.