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Welcome to Yokine Primary School

Yokine Primary School became an Independent Public School in 2011. Our school is unique and has a rich multicultural community. We are a team which is committed to achieving excellence in innovative teaching and learning through actively engaging as a Professional Learning Community. The staff members are acknowledged as leaders in their own right and are encouraged and supported to aspire to leadership and furthering their own professional learning. We provide opportunities for the diverse group of students to achieve their individual best in all areas of development. We deliver an innovative curriculum that supports independent learning and promotes resilient students who are critical thinkers. At Yokine Primary School we provide an engaging environment that supports every student with their academic, social and emotional needs.

We work in partnership with our parents who are the educational foundations for our students. We recognise that parents teach, guide and motivate their children through their learning journey, making a major contribution to their educational success. Our parents take on leadership roles through the School Board, work with the P & C and attend a wide range of school activities throughout the year.  

At Yokine Primary School our students are proud of their achievements. They strive to work to the best of their ability, showing respect, responsibility and resilience at all times. Each student knows that they are the most important element in their success at school and in their life.

Mrs Kim Fraser - Principal Yokine Primary School

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